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January 25, 2013
by Xavier Vargas

Modifying the Case Guided Process

If you haven’t seen the new CRM Forms, it’s a complete paradigm shift in thinking of how data is presented on the form and how you interact with it.  Today I tried to figure out how to modify the case’s guided process and stumbled upon the Service Stage field.  Unfortunately, this isn’t editable.  After stumbling around for a bit more I finally found the answer within the more info menu button (“…”).  Setting up and modifying the process is a snap.  Just follow these simple steps:

Here's an example of the guided case process I wanted to edit.

Click on the "..." menu item and go to Edit Service Process

From here, you should now be presented with this form where you can modify the process and steps.

And voila! A new step in our process...

January 15, 2013
by Xavier Vargas

Multi-Select Option Sets – Part 2

And we’re back…

Today I’m going to revisit one of the more popular posts on the site, Multi-Select Option sets.  This little javascript hack is a great way to present the selection of multiple option set values.  The biggest problem with it is that it is absolutely NOT a supported customization, and with the latest release of CRM the previous implementation has started to break for many people.

Some of the great consultants at Slalom, Ashwin Ravi and Deene Ogden, have converted the multi-select solution into a managed solution that implements this as a web resource meaning that it is easier to deploy and most importantly, 100% supported!  A few things to note before getting started: This solution is not compatible with the new guided forms since we can’t use JavaScript on these forms.  This solution only applies to the old style forms.  Also, if you’re planning on doing any sort of heavy reporting off of these fields, STOP NOW!  This solution crams all the values into a single field and it does not lend itself to quick/easy reporting so go forward at your own peril!  That being said, here’s how to use the solution (found at the end of this post):

Place two fields on the form (An option set and a text field). Be sure to hide them after they're on the form.

Add the Multi-Select web resource to the form. In the parameters section put the schema names of the fields you just created The order matters, so put the option set first, then the text field. NOTE: don't include a space after the comma or you'll get errors

Go to the form properties and add the MultiSelect_OnSave.js library.

Finally, add an OnSave event referencing the MultiSelect library and pass the name of the web resource you inserted onto your form. If you need to add multiple multi-selects, then just create multiple OnSave events with each one referencing the different resources. Thanks to Jukka for pointing out a typo!

And that’s all there is to it!  Here’s the solution.  Happy CRM’ing!  As always, this code is provided AS-IS and with no warranty.


March 7, 2012
by Xavier Vargas

Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SQL 2012

With the recent release of Microsoft SQL 2012, and the great features it brings to the table, some of you might already be considering migrating your infrastructure. I stumbled across this Microsoft CRM Compatibility list that MS revised today. You’ll be happy to know that SQL 2012 is on the list and functions so long as you’re running at least Update Rollup 6 on your CRM server.

Have at it and let me know how your experience is.

March 5, 2012
by Xavier Vargas

Can’t Export Solution

I was having a strange issue today where I was unable to export a particular solution from a client’s environment. The download bar wasn’t showing up after clicking on the export button. It was almost as if I hadn’t pressed the button at all. After about 30 minutes of frustration, my coworker (Ashwin Ravi), came over and let me know that this happens when you try to export a solution that includes the “Internet Marketing Partner User Role”. For those of you unfamiliar with this role, it’s available only in the Microsoft CRM Online system and pertains to the Internet Lead Capture forms MS provides in the Online environment. I removed this role, tried again, and voila! Works as expected.

Stranger things have happened, I’m just glad that I’m sitting next to someone that knows what they’re doing :-)

February 28, 2012
by Xavier Vargas

Icons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Take Two

In a previous post I showed a great icon pack for MSCRM that included 2000 sized icons (16px & 32px) that fit in with the same look and feel of CRM.  I stumbled across another great icon pack that mimics the new Google branding.

The only hiccup is that the icons were sized to 18px and 128px.  A quick blast through a resizing script and now we have another perfectly suited set of icons.


Google CRM Icons

January 31, 2012
by Xavier Vargas

MetaData Driven apps

We’ve been kicking around the idea of creating metadata driven apps powered by CRM and form layouts. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage CRM as a CMS system. After a bit of digging around, I found the following snippet of code gets us halfway there. This will pull back the form metadata and allow you to parse it and build a custom page layout based on what’s in CRM. Continue Reading →